SpiderSilk is a lightweight collection of components designed to manage and present content across a variety of devices and platforms. SpiderSilk runs on web pages, desktop rich clients and on mobile apps. SpiderSilk components are crafted using Javascript, HTML5 and CSS3. They are easy to style, easy to integrate and easy to extend depending on customer requirements.

All SpiderSilk components are responsive, allowing them to adjust to various screen sizes across devices. Lastly, SpiderSilk components are optimized for touch interfaces and respond quickly to touch events.

Responsive design

SpiderSilk Components

  • SpiderSilk Thumbnail Manager
  • SpiderSilk Document Viewer
  • SpiderSilk Task Manager
  • SpiderSilk CMS Workflow
  • SpiderSilk 2FA Security
  • SpiderSilk OAuth2.0 REST API
  • SpiderSilk Document Capture
  • SpiderSilk Intelligent Classification
  • SpiderSilk Repository Adaptors - Box
  • SpiderSilk Repository Adaptors - SharePoint 2013
  • SpiderSilk Repository Adaptors - Alfresco ECM 4.x

Custom User Interfaces

Dashboard with Tasks, Recent Activity and Key Metrics

Documents management
Document Management & Collaboration

Documents viewing and sharing
Document Viewing & Sharing